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Introduction to Actions

The Actions panel is used to add interactivity to your web apps, such as triggering requests, rendering items on the page, and much more.

In short, Actions allow you to respond to user interactions, and any other event that happens on the page.

Action Types

When you're creating a new Action, you can choose between two Action types:

  1. Element Actions: are based on element interactions. These include button clicks, form submits, input changes etc.
  2. Event Actions: are based on events like page starts loading, request finishes, etc.


By default, all Actions are reactive. Wized keeps track of all the dependencies in your functions and triggers the correspondent updates whenever they change.

For example, if a heading's text is set to:

(c, f, i, n, r, v, e, t) => {
  return 'Hello' +; 

The heading will get updated whenever the value of the variable changes.

You can learn more about Action Reactivity here.

How to create an Action?

To create an action:

  1. Click the create new action button
  2. Choose a name for your action. For example, Set name.
  3. Select a folder (optional)
  4. Pick an action type
  5. Configure your action