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Secrets are a way to store sensitive information, such as API keys, passwords, and other credentials, in the Data Store. They are encrypted and can only be accessed by the app itself or by the project owner, but not anyone else.

Creating a secret

To create a secret, click the + button in the Secrets section of the Data Store. The following fields are available:

  • Name: The name of the secret. This name must be unique and will be used to access the secret via s.secret_name.
  • Value: The value of the secret. This can be any kind of data, such as a string, number, or object.

Once you've added the value, click the button to encrypt the secret. Wized will perform AES 256 encryption on the secret and store it in the Data Store. Only the owner of the project will be able to decrypt the secret and access its value in the future.

Creating a secret

Using a secret

To use a secret, you can access its value via the s keyword in the Function Editor where it's supported. Currently you can use secrets in the following places: