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Perform Request

Perform a request

This Action lets you execute a Request, when an event occurs.

Every request needs to have a trigger, otherwise, it will never run. The easiest way to trigger a request is with a Perform Request action. However, it's also possible to trigger a request with a Run Function or the JavaScript API.

Like with any other After-Action, the trigger for performing a request can be any Action with the type of Event, or any On Event Element Action.

When should I use this Action

The Perform request after-action is one of the most commonly used Actions.

You can use it to trigger a request at any point in time.

Some of the most common use cases are:

  • Access control — trigger a get_user request when the page starts loading
  • Logging in — trigger a login_user request when the login form is submitted
  • Request orchestration — trigger a request after another request
  • Any CRUD operation — Trigger a request to create, retrieve, update, or delete an item in your database